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I'm A Pro-Choice Person Of Faith. Make Reproductive Choice Federal Law.

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Being pro-choice is consistent with following Jesus. Being pro-choice respects women and acknowledges their full and complete autonomy as human beings. They alone are endowed with freedom over their own bodies and their own medical and family planning decisions. No one has the right to make laws to the contrary.

Amnesty International states the following: “Access to safe abortion services is a human right. Under international human rights law, everyone has a right to life, a right to health, and a right to be free from violence, discrimination, and torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Human rights law clearly spells out that decisions about your body are yours alone – this is what is known as bodily autonomy. Forcing someone to carry on an unwanted pregnancy, or forcing them to seek out an unsafe abortion, is a violation of their human rights, including the rights to privacy and bodily autonomy.”

Abortion isn't a “states rights” issue. It's a human rights issue. Women's rights are human rights. Healthcare rights are human rights. Reproductive rights are human rights. Family planning rights are human rights. Body autonomy is a human right. Don't buy the conservative lie that this is a "States Rights" issue. They used the same rationalization for slavery and segregation. For them, it is about one thing: control.

The modern abortion movement started in the 1970’s under false pretenses. A right-wing extremist and Republican party activist named Paul Weyrich went shopping for an issue to get the conservative base riled up. His real issue was Jimmy Carter and the federal government cracking down on racism and discrimination carried out by some religious colleges who wanted to remain all-white. When the political winds were blowing in the right direction he capitalized on them and started an all-out effort to demonize abortion in order to mobilize Christians to join the Republican party.

Jesus didn’t say one word about abortion. When Jesus, who was a Jew, lived on Earth, Jewish law dictated that ‘personhood’ began when a fetus took its first breath outside the womb. Abortions were carried out by midwives during that time and long before. Jesus often corrected matters by saying, “You’ve heard it said, but I say …” He didn’t do that in the case of abortion or when a fetus becomes a person. It’s as simple as that. The anti-abortion movement has muddied the waters with all kinds of nonsense.

Sign our petition today. Put your name on record that you support women as autonomous human beings created by God to be free of any and all kinds of enslavement. Forced pregnancy is an abomination. Christians must speak truth to power on behalf of women in the US and the entire world, regardless of how extreme and irrational other anti-abortion Christians have become.

We will put the petition and the signatures in the hands of the minority and majority leaders in the US House and Senate, hopefully in person. At the very least we will make sure their staff has it and ask that it be passed along.


Dear Majority and Minority Leaders of the US House and Senate, Senators, and Representatives,

I am a person of faith who insists the US house and senate agree on legislation that codifies a woman's right to make her own decisions about health care and family planning, including the decision to have a safe and legal abortion if she decides.

When 'personhood' occurs can't be proved with science. It's a matter or personal conscience. Many make the decision based on religious considerations. Even among the faith community, there is no consensus. In America we don't impose religious beliefs on others by law. All these factors lead to one conclusion. It must be an individual, personal choice. Morally, it should not be imposed by a government or any other institution, church or organization.

Abortion being illegal doesn't stop abortion. It forces it underground and women die. They die when they don't get the appropriate health care in time as well when it involves pregnancy and complex abortion laws. Women become 2nd-class citizens when they don't have choice. That's unacceptable.

Abortion is health care, and the pro-choice position is consistent with Christian ethics. Jesus affirmed the moral agency of women. We must do the same as a nation by honoring choices women make.

Codify and enshrine 'choice' in federal law immediately.


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