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One America "News" (OAN), Newsmax, and Real America's Voice aren't legitimate news networks. They're dishonest, authoritarian organizations that prop up Christian nationalism while only masquerading as journalism.

When it comes to enabling conspiracy theories and undermining democracy, Fox News doesn't hold a candle to these channels. The three have been central to the ongoing spread of harmful right-wing disinformation, from deadly anti-vaccine paranoia to Donald Trump's Big Lie about the 2020 election.

They've also become important platforms for the religious right, frequently hosting pastors like Greg Locke, the Tennessee evangelical who kicks mask wearers out of church, and Senate candidate Jackson Lahmeyer, the Oklahoma Christian nationalist who gives away religious-exemption forms in exchange for campaign cash.

The most insidious thing about these networks is that, thanks to the Roku Channel and the ViacomCBS-owned service Pluto TV, they're available for free to anyone with an Internet connection and a desire for live news. That gives them an even wider potential reach than CNN or C-SPAN.

Thankfully, DirecTV just dropped OAN. Let's gather 10,000 signatures from Christians who oppose Christian nationalism, and call on Roku and Pluto TV to join DirecTV in putting the common good first!

(Our friends at Faith in Public Life are also gathering signatures for this campaign. We thank them for co-sponsoring.)


Dear Roku CEO Anthony Wood, Pluto TV CEO Tom Ryan, and ViacomCBS CEO Robert M. Bakish:

The Roku Channel and ViacomCBS's Pluto TV have an obligation to viewers not to undermine public health or democracy by enabling the spread of deadly disinformation disguised as news. One America News Network (OAN), Newsmax, and Real America's Voice have all spread lies about American democracy, the January 6 attack, and the coronavirus pandemic, often in the name of religion. As Christian viewers concerned for the common good, we ask you to remove these networks from your lineups.

OAN is infamous for its dedication to spreading the "Big Lie" that Donald Trump was cheated out of the presidency in 2020. In January 2022, Newsmax released a new documentary that argued the January 6 Capitol riot wasn't an insurrection. And Real America's Voice recently aired a town hall hosted by Christian nationalist pastor Greg Locke, who is best known for supporting the Proud Boys and for threatening to throw people out of his church if they dare wear a mask.

The role these networks play in spreading disinformation is widely recognized. The aforementioned examples are only the most recent incidents. Thankfully, DirecTV has just announced that they will no longer carry OAN. We call on you to join in DirecTV's example of civic leadership and remove these fake news channels from your free streaming services immediately.

Thank you.

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